What are backlinks?


Backlinks are links from other websites that point to a page on your own site. It’s also known as inbound links since they reflect traffic from other websites that comes to your own.

Search engines like Google consider backlinks as “votes” for a specific page. As these votes increase, your page’s credibility and value increase as well. This in turn signals search engines to improve your website’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking since many other websites are “vouching” for your content.

Are backlinks really that important?

The answer is a 1000% YES

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm has undergone hundreds of adjustments over the years. And through time, backlinks remain an important ranking factor in major search engines, especially Google. 

Believe it or not, Google confirmed that backlinks is one of the 3 most critical factors they consider when it comes to Search Engine Rankings.

Earning more backlinks to your website will help search engines recognize your content or page. This is beneficial since search engines will begin to rank your site higher in the SERPs once they see this. 

Backlinks, in other words, is an essential factor when it comes to search visibility and SERP ranking. The greater your website’s visibility or ranking in search engines like Google, the higher the chance to get more Organic Traffic.

How does my website “earn” backlinks?

Earning Backlinks is an important component of off-site SEO. Marketers usually call this process Link earning or link building.

It’s very important to remember that not all backlinks are created equal. Some backlinks have higher quality than others. This means you would want to focus on earning high quality backlinks if you want to rank higher in the SERPs

To put it simply:

One good quality backlink can outperform a hundred low-quality backlinks. 

Having that in mind, here are 3 ways on how to earn backlinks: 

1. Self-created

A self-created link is done by manually putting a backlink into a forum, blog comment, or online directory. While self-created links may appear to be the simplest way to get backlinks, many of the approaches are considered “black hat SEO,” or strategies that violate search engine guidelines. Make sure you understand and follow search engine guidelines when creating these kinds of backlinks. 

2. Natural

Natural backlinks are made available without the involvement of the website’s owner. One of the best ways to organically get natural links is to consistently create high-quality content. 

3. Manual

Manual backlinks are earned by link-building operations. For example, if a roofing website contacted a roof supplier site and requested a link, the backlink would be manual. Another excellent approach for gaining a manual link is to guest post on a relevant website. Make sure to provide a link to your website in the article. These are offered without the website’s owner’s involvement. 

In summary, backlinks are critical in increasing your website’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. This increases your website visitors which can turn into leads or sales. 

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