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We focus our designs on adaptive and responsive interface. It means that websites will look good on all types of screens, from mobile phones to desktop monitors. Since more and more users are accessing websites through smartphones or tablets, it is crucial for websites to have intuitive and responsive mobile versions. A seamless user experience will always give and leave a positive impression to any business.

Outcome is a non-profit ministry that started in 2006. Headed by Dr. Frank Turek, they conduct dynamic seminars about Christianity in college campuses, churches, and high schools.

Over the years, they gained massive followings from different walks of life. Through their website, they needed to constantly share information about their teachings and events worldwide.

It was Microhound’s job to make a website with an intuitive design where users can see clear and organized information about everything has to offer. We did just that and made sure anyone can access those information on mobile.

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We have a team of certified experts that provide consistent professionalism and equipped with best practices. You can rely on us with accurate and safe installations, diagnostics, repairs, and consultation. Rest assured that we always prioritize your best interest first.

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