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Mobile First Approach

We focus our designs on adaptive and responsive interface. It means that websites will look good on all types of screens, from mobile phones to desktop monitors. Since more and more users are accessing websites through smartphones or tablets, it is crucial for websites to have intuitive and responsive mobile versions. A seamless user experience will always give and leave a positive impression to any business.


For an up-and-coming entrepreneur like Kristy David, it is essential to highlight her expertise in Nutrition and passion for coaching. Our relentless communicative approach made it easier for us to build a website that reflects her credibility and passion.

We always emphasize collaboration, and through this we are always the first people to listen and believe in our clients. We make sure to amplify their credibility and drive through their website.

Take a look at Pure Nutrition with Kristy’s site and see how Kristy’s expertise in Nutrition and love for coaching is presented. Microhound takes pride in being Kristy’s loyal companion in her journey to success.

Website Design

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We’re proud of the enthusiastic and encouraging customer reviews on Google. Client feedback keeps us on track for the future, and a positive review is the highest form of compliment. We’re always interested in growing and increasing our value to customers.

Certified Experts

We have a team of certified experts that provide consistent professionalism and equipped with best practices. You can rely on us with accurate and safe installations, diagnostics, repairs, and consultation. Rest assured that we always prioritize your best interest first.

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